Tasty treats improve your chickens’ laying performance.

Zen Hen Probiotic Treats can help your chickens lay better eggs, more often. Our treats are packed with natural nutrition for your chicken’s using our special pre-pros® (prebiotics and probiotics). Pre-pros are designed to improve laying by aiding digestive and immunity. Plus, your chickens will love the taste!

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Zen Hen Probiotic Treats

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Zen Hen Probiotic Treats increase laying performance by enhancing your chickens’ digestion, supporting immunity and improving nutrition. Our treats are packed with targeted pre-pros® (prebiotics and probiotics) that deliver natural nutrition to your chickens for a longer laying season. Pre-pros are designed to improve laying by helping digestive and immune systems to work well, so they can stay healthy strong, and in tip top laying condition. Try it for one month and get more frequent, stronger eggs, and richer yolks.


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Improved digestion.

Selected microbes can break down hard-to-digest plant matter and increase nutrient absorption for more productive chickens.

Chicken in outdoor nest with eggs.

Increased immunity.

Selected prebiotics and probiotics that can help limit harmful bacteria in your chickens’ guts, supporting wellness and laying power.

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Healthful nutrition.

Nutritious treats help your chickens lay better, stronger, eggs, with richer yolks and greater nutritional value.

With the increased egg laying, no doubt others will see the benefit quickly.Bev

It is mid November and egg production is still high without the addition of lights. First time my hens have been laying this good for this long. Love the treats! Mary

Chicken Coop Chatter loves the ZenHen treats, making it more a meal side dish going forward. The consumption was quick and the Hens Happy!Chicken Coop Chatter

Breakfast time in the chicken yard has never been so exciting!Rhiannon

My huevos are delicious!Motogoosy

Extended laying season

Chickens fed Zen Hen treats are more likely to keep laying into fall and winter. In our field test, more than 75% of hens fed Zen Hen treats were still laying after 28 days, while 71% of chickens fed normal feed had stopped laying by that point.

Better, stronger eggs

More than half the eggs laid from Zen Hen-fed chickens showed an increase in yolk weight of more than 15%.

With Zen Hen treats high in calcium, 77% of field-tested chickens laid eggs with harder shells 28 days after starting our treat.

Balanced Backyard Chick in Egg

More nutritious yolks

After 28 days, two-thirds of all of the chickens fed Zen Hen treats laid eggs up to 40% richer in yolk color and vitamin precursors.

The lowest improvement in yolk was still at least 30% richer in color and vitamin precursors.

At the same time, 66% of Zen Hen-fed chickens laid eggs that contained higher amounts of Omega-3 DHA.

Eighty percent of the eggs from the Zen Hen-fed chickens showed lower cholesterol content in their yolk.

Neutralize bad bacteria and fungi in the gut

Mannose and Beta-Glucan are included in Zen Hen chicken treatsbecause they have been shown to limit E. coli and Salmonella in their guts, boost the immune system, and bind to Mycotoxins. Healthy birds lay more frequently and longer!

What can Zen Hen do for your backyard hens in 28 days? Try it now!